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BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE | Indie Comics | Comics Books | Kickstarter | Bigfoot | Cryptid | @danomyte139 | #bigfootknowskarate

bigfoot knows karate Creative Team

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE | Indie Comics | Comics Books | Kickstarter | Bigfoot | Cryptid | @danomyte139 | #bigfootknowskarate

Dan Price

Creator | Co-Writer | Artist

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Dan broke into indie comics in 2007 as a writer/artist with his first self-published title, Latex Avenger, a super hero satire. After 5 years of Latex Avenger, Dan teamed up with Bonn Adame to create Masters of the Obvious, a pop culture, sci-fi adventure web comic for Hound Comics. When Dr. Biclops, The Visible Woman and the rest of the Masters of the Obvious caught the eye of The Stan Lee Foundation, Dan and Bonn created Excelsi-ish! The Uphill Adventures of a Boy Named Stanley as part of the The Stan Lee Foundation's work to promote children's literacy.  


Dan has been fortunate to work on titles such as Halloween Man for Drew Edwards' Sugar Skull Productions, Mark Darden's Guano Guyand several small projects with The Comic Jam, a collaborative short comics program, where he met BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE co-writer, Casey Allen

The idea of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE has roots in Latex Avenger and Masters of the Obvious. Originally slotted to be a comedy, BFKK was going to exist in that shared universe. But BFKK felt special and Dan decided to put the karate-fighting cryptid on the shelf.  In 2017-18, Dan decided to take a stab at a new, more serious visual for BFKK that would dictate a different tone for the story. He posted a few pics of BFKK on Instagram, got some likes and a piece of fan art, but mulled over the story for another 3 years before finally settling on the traits of the gentle, cryptid warrior and the world he lives in.  

Dan is excited to be working with Casey Allen on BFKK and to bring you, the reader, a story that you never saw coming! A karate chopping Bigfoot stands off against a Kung Fu fighting Cthulhu; and that's not the half of it. Get ready to take a hard boiled trip through transformation and witness the world of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE. Coming to in the Fall of 2021.


Dan lives in Austin, TX with his wife Sara, the kiddos Ashley and Daniel, and the animals, Toula and The Blitz. Follow Dan on Instagram: @danomyte139 and Twitter: @danomyte139 

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE | Indie Comics | Comics Books | Kickstarter | Bigfoot | Cryptid | @robotseatguitar | #bigfootknowskarate

Casey Allen

Co-Writer | Editor

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Casey T Allen is a writer living in Central Alabama. A working stiff by day, at night (after the kids are in bed) he transforms into a writer of comics, contributor to Spoiler Country Podcast and the editor of The Comic Jam. He’s edited the Eynes Anthology Book One, and is the writer/co-creator of the ongoing horror comic Voodoo Chile. Follow Casey on social media, or don’t. He’s kind of a jerk.

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