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Exclusive Raffle! Back BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE 2 on October 12th! 


Are you going to back BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE 2? Have you clicked, plan to click or are considering clicking the Notify Me on Launch on the BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Chapter 2 Kickstarter? Well, now is the time! 


If you plan on backing, join the BFKK Raffle!


Step 1. Click the Notify Me on Launch button on 

Step 2. Take a Screenshot of the clicked button 

Step 3. DM it to @danomyte139 on Instagram or Twitter with your name/email address that you will use when you back the Kickstarter. 

Step 4. Back the Kickstarter at a physical level (no digital tiers will be entered). 


Winners will be announced at 9pm Central Time during the Live Launch. Prize packs will be sent out to winners with their tier orders and perks during campaign fulfillment. If a winner backs out of the campaign, an alternate winner will be chosen on the Campaign Closeout Live Show on Instagram.  


Everyone who DMs  Dan with the info above and is a backer at the close of the campaign will get entered into a drawing on Launch Night Live on Instagram for 1 of 3 BFKK prize packs! 


Prize Pack Include: 

  • Signed BFKK Issue #1 Regular Edition Comic

  • BFKK Sticker Set and Button

  • BFKK Mini Print  

Prize Packs will be shipped with your physical Kickstarter order at the end of the campaign. 

*** And Backing early has its privileges. By hitting the Notify Me on Launch Button, you will be alerted upon launch for the Exclusive BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Raffle for an Original Art piece of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE by Luis Thomas. This is limited to the first 100 physical backers. This raffle will be held at the end of the campaign on closing night, November 11th live on Instagram.  Prizes will be shipped with your Kickstarter order.   

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