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bigfoot knows karate


bigfoot knows karate: Hinagon is out! buy your copy below!

Feudal Japan.  A rural village lives in fear of a savage monster of legend. A lone cryptid champion is sent to vanquish the creature at all costs, but for what purpose? Alliances are formed. New enemies revealed. Heads will roll! You may call him Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch. Or even Benny.  But first, he was HINAGON. 
BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE: Hinagon is a 24 page, black & white, one-shot comic that delves deeper into the tale of Bigfoot.  A self-contained story, this book is good for readers of the main series or someone picking up BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE for the first time.  


We had a very successful Kickstarter with Hinagon and the books will be fulfilled in March 2024. Keep on the look out!

Written by Casey T. Allen & Dan Price, Art by Adam Caswell. Variant Covers by Andy Bloor and Dennis Valencia.  Main Cover Colors by Luis Thomas. By Lesser Known Comics.

The Book

Buy Bigfoot knows karate TODAY!

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Chapters 1 and 2 are available right now for purchase! Get the Regular Editions of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE at The Lesser Known Comics Shop. 

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE | Indie Comics | Comics Books | Kickstarter | Bigfoot | Cryptid | @danomyte139 | #bigfootknowskarate

2024 Appearances

June 14th - 15th

Heroes Con

Charlotte, NC

July 20th - 21st
Greater Austin Comic Con
Austin TX

September 20th - 22nd

Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore, MD

October 5th

CASA: Comic Arts - San Antonio 2024

San Antonio, TX 


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Check out sketches and concept art from the upcoming BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE comic book series, as well as amazing fan art we received over Instagram and Twitter! 


THe bigfoot knows karate SHop

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE | Indie Comics | Comics Books | Kickstarter | Bigfoot | Cryptid | @danomyte139 | #bigfootknowskarate | | Mugs | Wall Art | Merchandise

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BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE | Indie Comics | Comics Books | Kickstarter | Bigfoot | Cryptid | @danomyte139 | #bigfootknowskarate | T-Shirts |
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